About US

Welcome to the exciting world of Ocean Reefs Marine Aquariums.

We employ many qualified staff within the field of marine science and marine aquarium keeping. Our operation is overseen by a qualified Marine Biologist with 23 years experience in tank keeping, who's been in the industry since 1996. All can provide comprehensive advice and assistance whether you are starting, maintaining or upgrading you tank.

Located in Perth, Western Australia, we have the ability to provide you with the highest quality and most diverse selection of temperate and tropical fish, coral and invertebrates. We obtain a variety of specimens from around Australia and overseas.
Our selection of dry goods is second to none, from lights, filters and protein skimmers, to ozonisers, calcium reactors and chiller units. We stock a wide range of sizes and brands, spare parts and accessories to suit any aquarium. They are all chosen with quality, ease of use and cost in mind. We also stock a range of aquariums and aquarium units at our store. Custom built aquariums and stands are what we do best. We are more than happy to visit on site to assist with aquarium design. Delivery and installation can be arranged.

Should you require a fully maintained aquarium we have our maintenance team ready to assist you. Services are provided at your home or business. Water deliveries are also available.

Ocean Reefs Marine Aquariums can assist you with anything and everything to create the best aquarium you could possibly have.